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You snooze, you lose
We book your seats for the best concerts

Our Service

Getting tickets for your favorite artist's concert has become an obstacle course. We created Live Booker to transform the booking experience and allow you to enjoy the events of your choice with no hassle.

We select the best concerts and take care of the booking process on your behalf. No need to get up at sunrise to queue anymore or to stress in front of your computer, Live Booker takes care of everything.

Your order is automatically submitted to our booking team. Their mission is simple: they will do everything in their power to get your tickets so that you can enjoy the concert hassle free.

They will book your tickets on merchant websites, with event promoters, and sometimes even by queuing in front of the ticket office!

Sometimes, responding to the entirety of requests is impossible. Tickets for certain events are limited, and sometimes the impossible is indeed impossible!

In such cases, we would apply a “first come, first served” policy, and we will keep fighting until the last minute to allow all our customers the possibility to enjoy the concert.

Our fees reflect the estimated booking difficulty. The more in demand a concert is, the harder the task can turn out to be.

Avoid missing the concert of your favorite artist! Live Booker gives you the possibility to create custom alerts for the artists of your choice. We will keep you posted as soon as the service opens on Live Booker.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions to help us improve our service, and if you like Live Booker, spread the word around you!

Important Informations

- Live Booker is a ticket proxy service that acts as a representative for our client’s interests and in their account.

- The service price contains the ticket value, agent fees, and possible delivery charges

- Once your purchase is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which will sum up your order information and shipping time

- All reservations are final.

- Delivery time can vary, in order to benefit from the fastest delivery, subscribe to the Fast Delivery option

- Seating tickets from a same order are side by side

- Sadly we are not capable of opening our service to people with reduced mobility, we advise you to contact the concert venue directly

About us?

In 2015, a small team of music lovers began to rally around a single idea: the necessity to transform the ticketing experience for concert goers. They created Live Booker with the aim of making booking your place to the greatest event as easy as possible.

Getting tickets to the concerts of our favourite artists is often a challenge. The slightest error in the booking process can prove fatal! For those who have missed the on-sale for an important concert; the remaining options are limited. Do you resort to the prohibitive prices of the secondary market or simply accept that you have to miss the concert you have been looking so forward to?

Taking all of this into consideration we have chosen to offer you the service that we wish we could have had as an option when booking concert tickets.

With Live Booker, we wanted to offer a friendly and accessible Customer Service, who actually listens to you. Their mission: to answer all of your questions and ensure that you get the best booking experience possible.

No Need to stand in line anymore, no need to stress in front of your computer as the concert page refuses to load or to cry in front of the venue because the tickets you bought turned out to be fake.'

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Service for groups and professionals

For all VIP and corporate demands, contact us by e-mail at vip@live-booker.com, or on our website live-premium.com. One of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact Customer Service

For any question, contact Customer Service directly at 00 44 20 3514 4827 (free call), or by e-mail at contact@live-booker.com